Privacy Policy

HealthierHere (“HealthierHere” or “we” or “our”) operates the Connect2 Community Network (the “Network”). Service providers take part in the Network (“Service Providers”). Service Providers include social service, community, government (tribal, state, and local), physical health, and behavioral health organizations.

If you chose to give the Network’s Service Providers written permission to collect, use, and share your personal and health information (“Information”), be sure to review this Privacy Policy. It explains:

  • What Information we collect
  • How Information is used and shared.
  • How we protect your Information.
  • Your rights.

If you do not sign an authorization for the use and sharing of information, you will still have access to services.


What Information we collect
Information about you, your care, and your needs

We may collect:

·      your name and contact details.

·      names and contact details of family or caregivers. This will only happen if you give permission and share their contact Information.

·      services you get from Service Providers.

·      your date of birth, gender, race, ethnicity, tribal affiliation, or tribal enrollment.

·      details about your health insurance and any needs you may have, such as income, employment, or housing.

·      health care Information that may be protected by state, tribal, and federal privacy laws, such as Information about your medical providers, health conditions, health needs, and goals.


How we collect your Information

We may collect Information from:

·      You and your family.

·      Your Service Providers, such as your care team and any other person involved in your care.

How Information is used and shared
To contact or serve you

We may use your Information or share it with a Service Provider to:

·      contact you.

·      help Service Providers provide, coordinate, or refer you to services.

·      learn which services you qualify for.

We may share your information with public health to monitor and improve the health of our community.


To improve, help fund, and study our Network or services

Sometimes we may combine your Information with a large number of other people’s Information. Combining Information into large groups allows the Information to be studied or used while protecting your privacy. After your Information has been combined, you cannot be identified.

After your Information is combined with others so your privacy is protected, it could be used to:

·      evaluate how effective our services are.

·      improve our Network or services.

·      help others learn from our work.

·      help us apply for funding.

·      report to organizations that fund our work.

·      share with others to analyze (study) our services.

We may continue to use your Information in these ways after your permission has expired, but not if you cancel your permission.

How we protect your Information
Our privacy practices

It is our practice to:

·      follow all state, tribal, and federal security requirements for protecting health Information.

·      protect the privacy of Information that we collect.

·      protect your Information from loss or misuse.

Service Providers that take part in the Network:

·      agree to only access and share Information that is needed to serve you.

·      are required to protect your Information even if it is no longer protected under applicable privacy laws.

We will not:

·      Use your Information to market products or services to you.

·      Share your Information with law enforcement without a lawful subpoena, warrant, or court order.

·      Sell your Information.


Technology risks

Our goal is to protect your privacy. No technology can guarantee complete security of any Information that it collects, stores, or shares.

·      No security measure is foolproof.

·      No method of data storage or transmission can be guaranteed against unauthorized access, interception, or misuse.

We may not be able to prevent the use or misuse of your Information by other people or entities if they obtain your Information by:

·      unauthorized access, interception, or misuse.

·      in violation of our signed agreements.


In case of a breach

If there is access to your Information that is not allowed under this Privacy Policy (a breach), we or your Service Provider will contact you.

Your rights
Review and manage your Information

You have rights when it comes to your Information.

·      You can ask to be contacted in a way that protects your privacy. This can include being called at a certain number or sent mail at a different address.

·      You can get a copy of the Information we have about you. Ask one of your Service Providers for a copy.

·      You can ask to have your Information corrected. Ask one of your Service Providers to correct any Information that is wrong or incomplete.

·      You can ask to see who has accessed your Information. Ask one of your Service Providers for a list.


Get a copy of this notice

You can get a copy of this Policy at any time.

·      You can view or print a copy at [website address].

·      You can ask one of your Service Providers for a paper copy.


Voice your concerns

You can voice your concerns if you feel we violated your rights. We will not retaliate against you. To voice your concerns, call [organization] at [contact phone number].

You can view a copy of our anti-harassment, whistleblower, anti-discrimination, and anti-bias policies at [website address].

Changes and updates to this Policy

This Policy is effective as of December 13, 2022. Please review it from time to time to check for updates at [website].

  • From time to time, we may change this Policy to address new issues or changes to our practices.
  • We may add Service Providers to the Network at any time. Our Service Providers are listed at [web site].



Please contact our Privacy Officer by email at or by phone at (206) 413‑7655 if you have any questions or concerns about this policy.

Connect2 Community Network
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