Building the Foundation for a Healthier,
More Equitable Community

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 We’re building a unified community information exchange (CIE) to enable care coordination between health, behavioral health, tribal, community and social service organizations in King County, WA.

It will enable organizations to send, receive and follow up on electronic referrals, increase access to resources via a shared directory, and provide visibility of other organizations providing care.

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Today’s system of health and human services is fragmented and disconnected. It isn’t easy to find the right resources, refer people to services, track if those services were received, or understand who else might be providing care and support.

Our goal is to assure that no matter what door someone enters, they get the whole-person care and support they need to be healthy and thrive.

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Local community-based organizations, clinical providers and community members are collaboratively co-designing the network and its policies, with a focus on health equity.

The Connect2 Community Network is governed by a multi-sector Advisory Group and will operate as a community-owned resource accessible to all who opt to participate.

Who Will Benefit?

Families &

will have improved health and well-being because they get connected to appropriate, coordinated services.

& Providers

will be able to more effectively coordinate across sectors to help people get the care and support they need


will be able to make more effective and equitable allocations of resources based on data

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Our Approach

Focus on Equity

Reducing health disparities and improving outcomes is the driving force behind our solutions and decisions.

Community Led

The network will be collaboratively developed, owned and governed by the community, and guided by community.


 We’re building an interoperable network, with standards and practices shared across clinical and community organizations.

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Join Us

This is a community effort with multiple opportunities to learn more and get involved.

Please consider joining us! Fill out this interest form to share how you’d like to engage with our work. We will reach out to follow up regarding your interests 

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Interested in joining our network? Want to learn more about how your organization can participate?

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Contribute Subject Matter Expertise

Have expertise that could help support our work?

For example, expertise in:

  • Privacy & Law
  • Data Security
  • Interoperability
  • Care & Health Coordination Technology
  • Fundraising
  • Public Utility
  • Public-Private Partnership

If you’re interested in offering assistance in any of these areas, we’d love to hear from you. Please connect with us by emailing our Partner Support and Operations Manager Catherine Seneviratne.

Help Fund the Work

This work is vital, but it can’t survive, thrive or be sustained without financial support.

If you or someone you know is interested in serving the King County region by helping to fund the Connect2 Community Network, we’d be delighted to hear from you! Please connect with us by emailing our Director of Care Coordination and CIE, Anne Farrell-Sheffer.

Special thanks to our Funding Partners for their generous contributions, without which this work would not be possible.  

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Policies & Procedures



HealthierHere and the Connect2 Community Network are committed to protecting the privacy and rights of our service providers and their clients. Learn more by visiting the following pages:

Privacy Policy

Code of Conduct and Ethics